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FotoMedia® Secures Licensing Agreements to its Media-Sharing Technologies, Explores Additional Partnership Opportunities

Portsmouth, NH, April 27, 2010 – FotoMedia Technologies, LLC, a leader in media file-sharing innovation, is pleased to provide an update on the state of its media-sharing IP portfolio after reaching agreements with dozens of technology partners in the past year.

Developed in the early-to-mid 1990s well ahead of widespread media sharing in the market, the FotoMedia technology portfolio is focused on the relationship between digital media and mobile devices, with an emphasis on improving communication and user interaction with digital media such as digital image files. Today, this pioneering technology underlies the multitude of media-sharing services and tools commercially available. Through various licensing programs over the last several years, a majority of the digital camera suppliers and much of the online photo-sharing services market have now licensed FotoMedia technology.

Recently, FotoMedia has been involved in an ongoing enforcement effort against a number of media-sharing service providers. This effort has resulted in some miscommunication within the technology and intellectual property industries. For clarity, FotoMedia is announcing that it has successfully closed three of its four most-recent enforcement actions and has reached settlements with dozens of companies over the past year as part of this effort. The fourth suit remains stayed while reexamination proceedings complete in the U.S. Patent Office.

In a related development, two of the three patents at the center of these enforcement actions will soon have reexamination certificates issued, further affirming the importance and relevancy of FotoMedia's media-sharing portfolio to its technology partners. These partner companies demonstrated an appreciation for the value of patented FotoMedia technology, even in light of the ongoing patent reexamination proceedings. FotoMedia continues to welcome the opportunity to work with the US Patent Office to confirm the subject matter developed by our inventors.

"We are confident that when all claims are ultimately confirmed by the Patent Office, they will be every bit as relevant to the technology at the center of today's media-sharing as when the reexamination proceedings began," said FotoMedia Technologies Manager Ryan Fry. "The success of this enforcement effort shows the value of working with FotoMedia Technologies early on to gain access to our existing technology and advanced innovations."

The life cycle of FotoMedia's media-sharing technology is a good example of the patent system working as the founding fathers expected it to - providing limited exclusive rights to novel and inventive technology for inventors and their supporters and, through disclosure, to allow others to use and develop solutions around the technology. The fact that this media-sharing technology is now widespread and ubiquitous so many years after its initial development by the inventors exemplifies the desired viral nature of the patent system.

Ongoing Collaboration and Future Partnerships
FotoMedia continues to have one of the largest online-imaging and media-sharing patent portfolios available. The patents at the center of the current enforcement action are only three of more than 100 assets in FotoMedia's growing portfolio.

The relevancy of media-sharing now extends far beyond the "traditional photo-sharing" industry – the companies of which are nearly all licensees of FotoMedia and many of whom sought to partner with FotoMedia in advance of litigation. FotoMedia initiated this latest enforcement action to protect the rights and investments of FotoMedia and its predecessors-in-interest, but also to preserve the value of the license extended to its many technology partners. FotoMedia remains strongly open to partnering with outside companies and innovators to license our various technologies on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms, but will continue to enforce our rights, and the rights secured by our licensees, when others improperly infringe upon those rights.

About FotoMedia Technologies, LLC
FotoMedia Technologies, LLC is a technology and IP leader in online-imaging and media-sharing industries with media-sharing technology including upload, organization, editing, transfer, metadata creation, tagging, and sorting. FotoMedia innovations have been licensed by leading companies including Kodak, HP, Canon, Nikon, AOL, Shutterfly, and American Greetings.

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