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Portsmouth, NH | September 15, 2011 – FotoMedia Technologies, LLC, a leader in media-sharing and related technologies, announced today that it has filed suit for unauthorized use of its intellectual property against leaders in the social networking space including, among others, Facebook and MySpace.

Use of media-sharing applications and services has grown considerably from early adoption by photo enthusiasts using digital cameras in the mid-to-late 1990s to current, widespread use with camera-enabled mobile phones, online media sharing & storage, and –most notable of late– social networking applications and services. The ecosystem for these technologies has grown commensurately to include most camera manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, mobile network operators, online media-sharing and storage service providers, and social networking service providers. There are now hundreds of millions of users that have uploaded tens of billions of photos and videos within this ecosystem resulting in a substantial amount of revenue and growth driven by access to, and sharing of, digital media.

Developed in the early-to-mid 1990s, FotoMedia's technology provides for effective and efficient use of digital media across a variety of devices from the time of capture/creation through distribution and sharing of the media. Its underlying patent portfolio includes multiple patent families across a variety of media-related areas including, media upload, organization, editing, access, sharing, metadata creation, tagging, and sorting. Through past technology transfer and licensing efforts, a majority of the digital camera manufacturers and leading online media-sharing service providers have licensed FotoMedia technology. Social networking is the next logical market to continue these efforts.

"Part of the success and growth in the social networking space is being driven by the capability to upload, tag, and share digital media," said FotoMedia Technologies CEO, Ryan Fry. "FotoMedia's IP is essential to providing these capabilities. The legal effort directed toward these industry leaders is necessary to enforce FotoMedia's rights and to protect its licensees."

Ongoing Collaboration and Future Partnerships - FotoMedia owns one of the largest, precedential, and diverse online-imaging and media-sharing patent portfolios available. Patents at the center of this latest enforcement action are only six of more than 70 assets in FotoMedia's still-growing portfolio.

The relevancy of FotoMedia’s media-sharing technology now extends far beyond traditional photo-sharing and is relevant to all “connected” consumer devices capable of accessing, exchanging, and sharing digital media, as well as related software applications and cloud-based services that enable these devices. FotoMedia is committed to partnering with outside companies and innovators to license its technology on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms. To provide an alternative to traditional licensing for companies operating in these emerging markets, FotoMedia is exploring offering covenants not-to-sue for all assets within its IP portfolio.

About FotoMedia Technologies, LLC
FotoMedia Technologies, LLC is a technology and IP leader in online-imaging and media-sharing industries with patented technology in all areas of media sharing, including upload, organization, editing, access, sharing, metadata creation, tagging, and sorting. FotoMedia's innovations have been licensed by many leading companies including, among others, Kodak, HP, Canon, Nikon, Shutterfly, and American Greetings.

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